Thursday, 26 December 2013

19. Have a pint of Guinness in Dublin

This is an overdue entry but better late than never!
The view of Dublin from the top of the Guinness Storehouse. You can see the Aviva Stadium on the right hand side.
On Friday 15 November myself and Laura Fenwick (who is becoming somewhat of a regular travel companion) flew from Newcastle to Dublin. The opportunity for the trip came about when we learnt that our friend and fellow archaeology graduate Mandi Henderson was being swept away by her husband Neil to Dublin to celebrate her 30th birthday. This came up in conversation and you express an interest that it's somewhere you'd always like to go so Mandi suggested we come along too (much to Neil's initial horror) so we did.
From left to right; Laura, me and Mandi
Everyone I've spoken to have said how friendly the Irish are but I actually think that it ius THE MOST FRIENDLY place I've been too. When you land at an airport you're prepared  for the miserable but at passport control who barely grunts at you...not it in Dublin. [Insert gorgeous southern Irish accent] "Well good morning Kathryn, welcome to Ireland. How are you today, did you enjoy your flight?"
We also had a very friendly cab driver who took us to our hotel (he gave us his mobile number in case we needed him over the weekend...) And then met up with Mandi and Neil for a few, which turned out to be a lot of drinks and one of their best burgers of my life. I had never considered putting smoked cheese on a burger before but I'd do it again. I resisted having as pint of the black stuff because I wanted I to 'save myself' for the Guinness Storehouse.
I think Saturday 16 November will definitely feature in the top 5 days of 2013 and here's why;
  • Amazing all you can eat breakfast to start the day
  • Visiting Trinity College and the Book of Kells
  • Indulging in bog bodies and Ireland's prehistory at the Museum of Archaeology
  • Eating nachos and drinking bulmers in the Hairy Lemon
  • Visiting the Guinness Storehouse and experiencing a pint (and a half, because that's all I could manage) of the black stuff
  • Watching Ireland v Australia in a pub packed full of Irish men

The library at Trinity College

So in one day I had culture, archeology, rugby, nachos and beer coupled with brilliant company and another thing ticked off my list. I think Dublin was a fantastic city, yes a little pricey but I will definitely go back. I wasn't to fussed with the Guinness Storehouse, far too many tourists for my liking, but the views from the top bar were incredible and the Guinness was smooooth.

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