Sunday, 10 June 2012

7. Learn to knit

Kitted up!

I'm going to see the knitting guru on Saturday that is my Nana (legend!) to get down with the basics, casting on, casting off, turning corners (does that have a special name?) 

I'm thinking that there are going to be a lot of naked sheep around with the number of times I cock it up (sorry sheep!)

My Nana live in Yorkshire so I can't just pop round when I go wrong so if you are reading this and can knit, or knows someone that can and would like to do their good deed for the year then make yourselves known and we can organise a knitting afternoon with coffee and cake!

Maybe I'm being over ambitious but I'm hoping to get really good so I can start making these by Christmas (courtesy of Lyndsay Airey) so if you haven't got your requests in yet then let me know what kind of Meerkat you'd like.

It's me if I were a Meerkat!



9. Raise £1000 for charity

I thought I would start off with something easy(ish) to get the fundraising ball rolling and then work my way up to a more strenuous sporting activity to try and raise my target (The Great North Run?! Biking the Coast to Coast?!) 

I got a flyer through my door for the St Oswald's Hospices 5th midnight walk ( and it sounded like fun - I may have also been encouraged to join in with the promise of a cuppa and bacon sarnie at the finish line! St Oswald's provides specialist care for local adults, young people, children and their families. They do some amazing work across the region and have helped a tremendous amount of families through difficult and challenging periods in their lives. 

I know money's tight at the moment for most people and you'll have other friends and family asking for sponsorship so I'm not asking for a big donation but how about the price you'd pay for a pint or a glass of vino? - so next time you go out have one less drink so then technically you won't be out of pocket?

So hit the link and get donating. . .If I reach my target of £333.33 then I will do the walk in this! (now there is an incentive!)

Bring on 7th July 2012!

Hello everyone

You all be glad to know that I've completed the walk, firstly a massive THANK YOU to everyone that sponsored me - you are all awesome. I didn't reach my target (which I am glad of because wearing that hat would have been ridiculous!) but I did make an amazing £279!

It wasn't a race but 12th out of 1000 ain't bad! It was an awesome event to take part in, spirits were high and everyone was ready to go. I  made the mistake though of cycling to the event - didn't think through having to cycle the two miles back at 2.30am! Didn't have to dodge too many drunk people.

                                                             That's a lot of pink!

                                                                         Action shot!

Feel free to make some suggestion on how to raise the other £721 (and no I am not doing the Great north Run) but I like the idea of cycling the C2C. . . 


New entry - Wednesday 3 September 2014

Just a quick post to say that I have joined the masses and been nominated (by Laura Fenwick) and completed the ALS ice bucket challenge. This is a really good article from the BBC highlighting the positive effects of this so called 'fad' by some critics

Even if the ice bucket challenge now fades into memory it has still raised millions of pounds for charity and has raised an unmeasurable amount of awareness for motor neuron disease. My video is at this link another thing that it has highlighted is that I need to lay off the biscuits and up my exercise regime!