Sunday, 29 April 2012

Introduction to THE LIST.

I’m a great believer in writing lists. Especially during times of change, when you may start to feel a little lost, unsure as to where the path is going to take you next.  One thing that scares me in life is one day waking up and seeing that my life has passed before me and I haven’t achieved anything. 

There are lots of things that I want to do during my life so many that I could spend all day listing them and then spend the next year being indecisive me and not achieving anything (for example  I’ve been constructing the below list for the past 8 months.)  Sooo with that in mind I’ve written 30 things that I wanna do before the BIG three zero so that I can have a more focussed direction.

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Have something published
  3. See the aurora borealis
  4. Learn to cook a Sunday dinner
  5. Ride on horseback across a beach
  6. Watch a rugby match in New Zealand
  7. Learn to knit
  8. Visit Loch Ness and hunt for Nessie
  9. Raise £1000 for charity
  10. Plant a tree
  11. Have a massage
  12. Travel first class
  13. Order (and pay for) a bottle of champagne in a bar
  14. Have a surfing lesson
  15. Paint a canvas
  16. See the pyramids of Giza
  17. Visit Stonehenge
  18. Learn to play poker
  19. Have a pint of Guinness in Dublin
  20. Sleep under the stars
  21. Celebrate a birthday abroad
  22. See a ballet
  23. Go on a camping holiday
  24. Read ‘ a long walk to freedom’ by Nelson Mandela
  25. Jump in a pool fully clothed
  26. Have a spray tan
  27. Go and watch a premiership football match
  28. Sleep in a castle
  29. Sing in public
  30. Complete my Wood badge training 

Stay tuned for the next four years and twenty four days to see if it can be achieved (also if you can help me out with any other then just let me know. Trip to Dublin anyone?) I know I’m going to enjoy fulfilling my list (especially completing the Wood badge. . . ) and I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences.

Just finally, I would like to dedicate this to Laura Wilson.  It never ceases to amaze me how you can make me laugh, make me cry, make me drunk?! (sometimes all three at the same time) and yet managed to inspire me to make sure I don’t waste my life but do everything I want to do and more. I’m sure you’ll get more than one mention in this blog along the way so 'thank you' in advance.

This is for you. I know who I’ll be with on 24th May 2016.