Thursday, 22 August 2013

11. Have a massage

22 August 2013. Can you think of a more appropriate day to tick something off my list?

Being week 5 of the 6 weeks school holidays, and with the imminent challenge of packing up my life to move into my own flat and the stress of my trip to the pyramids being scuppered from the unrest in Egypt I found myself a little tense so booked myself in for my very first massage.

I went to the Helen Lloyd Beauty parlour just near Haymarket which I have visiting previously for some de fuzzing and I was escorted into a room lit with candles and classical music playing in the background (the complete stereotype of what I was expecting.) I got ready to lie and the bed (yes there was a hole where I put my head so I saw the floor) and then Helen came back in, oiled up and started to work her magic. I was slightly concerned that it might tickle or I would fall asleep because I would be so relaxed but god I was wrong. I asked her to add a bit more pressure which resulted in her using all her weight to push the knots out of my shoulder blades and neck. . .it was like the same ‘pleasant pain’ I got when I got my tattoo that after a while was rather nice. At the beginning of the massage she kept on asking me if the pressure was ok but once it was in full swing she just kept quiet and I DID have to keep on reminding myself ‘this is a woman performing a professional service’ those with the less clean mind among you reading this will know what I’m getting at, especially with my sensitive neck issues!

All in all it was amazing, my back feels like a million dollars. If I could afford it I’d be back every week for a lunch time session. I think next time I’m like to try a full body massage though do they massage everywhere? Now I haven’t got any images in this post because I didn’t particularly want pictures of me in just my pants plastered on the internet so you’ll just have to use your imaginations or go for one yourself! 

What to pick to do next, oh the possibilities?!


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