Monday, 7 May 2012

1. Get a tattoo

I wouldn't describe myself as an impulsive person but getting a tattoo was not on my to do list this weekend. 

Getting a tattoo is one of the biggest decisions in life that you can make. Its a permanent accessory. Not many things in life are permanent but I've wanted one since I was seventeen. Its taken me eight years to think about where I wanted one (not anywhere that will get too wrinkly or stretch when official old age kicks in) and what design - something with personal meaning to me and a design will be timeless. I choose a heart for a lot of different reasons. Its a universally recognised symbol of love, which is something that we all need. According to some historians, the heart-shaped symbol has been here since the existence of man. Its a symmetrical shape, I love maths and it's sooo cute.

I can't wait to whip my wrist out when I'm an old woman and show my grandchildren. 

There was only ever going to be one person that I would get my first tattoo with - Laura Wilson - she rocked up at 10 pm on Friday, we discussed life, love and lists over cheese and Hoegaarden and then 15 hours later I find myself in the tattooists chair. We rocked up at Tattoo Station, (I think the tattoo man didn't think I would go through with it. He told us to come back in half an hour after a coffee to make sure we were serious.) I must admit there was one point where I thought I was going to throw up and wouldn't be able to go through with it but I got over it, I just thought fuck it, if Britney can do it then so can I. There was also no way I was going to ask the tattoo man for my money back.

A lot of people have asked me whether it was painful. Now, you've got to take into account that someone is repeatedly sticking a needle into your skin so its not going to be one of the most comfortable life experiences but I wouldn't say it hurt really bad. I can understand why some people say getting tattoos are addictive.  It may have eased the pain because the tattooist was fit - Mr hot tattooist guy if your reading this then get in touch and you can take me out for a pint.

Well I think the end result is pretty awesome.


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